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Everything you ever wanted to know about tanning!


We are sure you have heard the negative press about indoor tanning and we know you have questions.  What are the benefits?  The risks?  Is lotion necessary?  What about vitamin D?  The answers to your questions are right here on our FAQ page.  If you don't see your answer here, please call us and we will be happy to assist you.


4X the SPF


Tanning indoors is smart.  Most fair skin people start at 5 minutes in a 20 min max tanning bed working their way up to the full 20 min.  Do the math.  They will be 4x less likely to burn as a result of sun exposure.  Their SPF 15 is now a 60 and that means less sunscreen application, less sun burn, more time to enjoy the beach, pool, playground, boating or what ever else floats thier boat!


Is tanning indoors safe?


Is grass green?  The answer is "Yes"!  While we beleive tanning indoors beats 8 hours in the sun to find you missed a spot with the sun screen, there are instances where indoor tanning can be overdone.  Do not tan indoors more than once per day (it's the law anyway), do not increase your tan time if the last time you tanned your skin got "pink", DO wear sunscreen when you get out of the tanning bed (remember you are getting your required sun exposure in a controlled environment but God's sun is going to be outside when you leave).



How important is Vitamin D?


IMPORTANT as Vitamins A, B, C, and E!  Vitamin D is essential for mental health, calcium absorbtion to promote bone health, lower risk of diseases such as breast cancer and heart disease.  "Vitamin D is so important that your body makes it by itself -- but only after skin exposure to sufficient sunlight. This is a problem for people in northern climates. In the U.S., only people who live south of a line drawn from Los Angeles to Columbia, S.C., get enough sunlight for vitamin D production throughout the year (article from WebMD)."



Do I really need tanning lotion?


Tanning lotions are essential for indoor tanners.  Here's why.  When your skin is shiny, it will reflect more light speeding up results.  When you skin is supple, it will stretch more easily and that means less wrinkles.  Sun exposure naturally dehydrates skin, tanning lotions do not have as much drying alcohol as regular hand lotion.  There are vitamins, essential oils, and collagen boosting ingredients that will prepare, protect and prolong tanning results.


What do I need to do to prepare for and maintain my Norvell Airbrush Spray tan?


Before your airbrush tanning appointment, shower and exfoliate your entire body.  It is best to do this 12 hours in advance so you have fresh dead skin for the DHA to bond to.  Come free of deodorant, makeup, perfume and moisturizer.  Wear dark loose fitted clothing for afterwards.  Plan to be here for about 20 minutes.  Most people tan nude, however, feel free to wear whatever you are comfortable in.  A bikini works great! Barrier cream will be provided for your palms and feet (where you don't naturally tan).  We also have a spray that balances PH levels to avoid that pesky orange look everyone is afraid of.

After your airbrush tan, it is important to wait 12-24 hours to shower for the venetian and 1-3 hours for the rapid venetian.  When you do shower, use luke-warm water and soap sparingly the first time.  Rinse the cosmetic bronzer off and you will be left with a glowing tan.  Moisturize well and your tan will last 7-10 days and stay looking fresh, and fade instead of shed as your skin naturally exfoliates.

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