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Why use tanning products?

The specially formulated ingredients in tanning products are designed to develop and maintain tanning results.  When your skin is shiny, more light is reflected speeding up the tanning process.  Ingredients such as Aloe Vera and coconut oil improve skin's elasticity which is important for preventing wrinkles.  Vitamins E & C are essential in fighting "free radicals" present in exposure to any UV.   We recommend the use of sun screen after each tanning session to protect your skin from the continued exposure to the sun during the day. 


The following is a list of other helpful ingredients found in tanning products.


Caffeine - Intensifies all lotion ingredients and gives skin a energized glow

Silicone -  Emulsifier for even application and soft smooth skin

Matrixyl - Polypeptide to stimulate collagen production

Tyrosine - stimulates melanin production

Tingle - improves circulation


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Ask a Sun Bodies team member, we can help you choose a tanning product to acheive your desired results in your budget.


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