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Baja Llama A Few Pink Friends Hawkeye Button Up

Baja Llama A Few Pink Friends Hawkeye Button Up

Description: During our recent Amazonian expedition we saw pink dolphins, monkeys, and a collection of plants and animals that took our breath away. It was hot, humid, and absolutely one of the coolest experiences from our many travels. This print was created to highlight the incredible life only the Amazon could produce. Part of our Nighthawk Button Up collection, this shirt has all the greatest attributes. It's incredibly soft, durable, and has a wrinkle-resistant fabric. It also has Baja Llama's trademark side travel zip pocket, sustainable corozo nut buttons, and a bevy of details that make this shirt a classic you'll keep in your rotation for years!

Print: As part of our Peruvian Treasures Collection, A Few Pink Friends highlights some of the endless native species we came to admire in the Amazon. Our favorite was the mythical pink dolphin, which of course is also real as rain. This vivid print was created by combining a use of mixed media elements of semi-photo-realistic depictions of animals, hand-drawn leafs, and painted flowers to culminate in a stunningly classic, yet full of intrigue Hawaiian style button up.

Regular - True To Size Fit / Not Too Boxy & Not Too Slim.
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